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Re: OCA repositories naming convention



I completely agree with Nhomar. The OCA is not trying to take all the
localizations "under control". The OCA is organized as teams per area
(accounting, logistics, ...) and countries. Those teams can organize them
self as they want and as it is written on our website :

*"""The association is not interested in controlling the association
projects. However, the association projects are expected to follow some
association rules, mostly around the need to ensure that project code is
not legally encumbered (e.g., not stolen, or improperly contributed), and
that appropriate controls are in place to ensure code is properly

That's it !

Then, we force no body to push their localization here, everyone is free to
chose. If they come, they will decide who will be in the team. The
reviewers will help to review their code to improve the quality as much as
possible. We'll also provide them a travis configuration to review PEP8 and
other code standards + a runbot to allow people to tests their devs from a
functional point of view.

By being within the OCA, you will gain visibility and benefit reviews and
an organized infrastructure, but your Country team will still be the owner
of the code and responsible for it.

We don't claim to be holistic and paralyze the economics and self
organizing properties of the eco-system. *We offer a common place where
contributors within a same area can have a common place to work together
and organize their self as they want to !*

Best regards,


On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 5:11 PM, Nhomar Hernández <nhomar@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> 2014-06-30 10:29 GMT-04:30 Raphael Valyi <rvalyi@xxxxxxxxx>:
> In this moving target context, I believe only a small subset of
>> localization work deserve OCA consolidation.
> Raph.
> Just FYI, it is exactly the objective all what you mean.
> Local communities will own them repositories, is just to have a "common
> index of localizations" what is being done today.
> It means.
> Today: lp:openerp-spain managed by openerp-spain team.
> Tomorrow: github.com/oca/l10n-spain managed by oca/spain team.
> Done in community,
> Today: lp:openerp-venezuela-localization managed by openerp-venezuela team.
> Tomorrow: github.com/oca/l10n-venezuela managed by oca/venezuela team.
> Done 98% by vauxoo but the names are exactly as today, agnostic to our
> company.
> Regards
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