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Re: renaming modules


On 01 Jul 2014, at 09:27, Stefan <stefan@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Davide,
> untested, but I think the following could work:
> - Rename the module
> - Create a module that renames the XML-id's owned by the old module and
> set the new module state to 'to upgrade'.
> - Recreate the old module without any logic or data, depending on the
> migration module.
> - Run update --all first to reload the list of modules. Run --update all
> again to upgrade the new module.
> - Uninstall the old module and the migration module manually.
> It would probably be a 10 line patch to support module renames in the
> base module, using something like an 'oldname' directive in the manifest

Hi Stefan,
i’ll try this way then.

it would be really nice to have some sort of “replaces” attr in __openerp__, just like the “depends”.

btw, i just noticed this:

Davide Corio
ERP Consultant
L.S. Advanced Software Srl

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