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Re: Best approach to deploy one module from OCA/GitHub?


Hi Leonardo,

Yes I read that about using submodule in OCA repositories. It could helps but it involves some extra work to update the state of main repositories regularly I suppose (to map latest versions of sub-repositories). It could be automated by a script, maybe in the future. My experience with submodules is Mercurial related, I don't know much with Git yet, but it must be very similar.

For now I will use a clone of the whole repository, much simpler as you said.


Le 02/07/2014 11:28, Leonardo Pistone a écrit :
Hi Sébastien,

normally you can clone the whole repository (they are small anyway)
and install only the module you need without problems.

A good approach to manage well all that, choose specific versions for
each project and much more is the buildout recipe made by Anybox.

At some point it was discussed to split OCA modules in many small
repositories and then group them with git subtree, but we are not
doing that at the moment. If you have an experience to share on that
topic, I'd be happy to hear it.

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