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Re: Request for Inclusion of Module into OCA/partner-contact


2014-08-04 11:11 GMT-05:00 Nhomar Hernández <nhomar@xxxxxxxxx>:

> IMHO just reading the normal flow of github is enought

*​The small picture:* I just thought, because in some way other people
might encounter the same reasons for which I asked (and might not ask)​. I
think, the question is less how to do a pull request in the end, but how to
do a formal inclusion request, which would result beeing a pull request
according to this discussion.

*The bigger picture:* It comes to my mind, because there are many satellite
modules about odoo around the globe and only a rather small percentage of
people working on odoo is probably already familliar with OCA. I think it
is important, that OCA would reach out to actively capture this "hidden"
community. And one thing doing this is probably answering such questions
before they even come up ;)