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Re: pull request reviews



I think review code can be the first step before contributing code. So
you need to read the guidelines and how to check it. It is annoying if
you proud to submit your first module and than realize about all the
code convention you not think about yet.
And then all people learn right from the beginning reviewing is a
important think with benefits us all. So i suggest to see the topic more
in the way, how to make the first steps more easy.

i think one problem to get into the community is that the information to
start work is spread and than it is hard which are obsolete and which
one are correctly updated.

Even: http://odoo-community.org/page/website.faq is the best way to
start and need some updates.

Hard to find: https://pad.odoo.com/p/community-review and if you are
new, you find a color page.

I think the should be a "First Steps in odoo community" page on the OCA

This should include:

How can i start?

Just pick one topic:
-> Join your Translation Team
-> Write some Module
-> Review some Module
-> Join you Localization Team

For each there should be a detail description like:
- Where can i find more information, like:
-> List of all Projects to Contribute
-> List of all Pull-Request to Review
-> List ot all planted Todos in Localization Team

- Where can get in touch with people
-> (special) Mailing-List
-> Responsible Project People

- Where can i find a checklist
Maybe have a clear Version of https://pad.odoo.com/p/community-review to
have a easy checklist for contributer and reviewer. In two parts:
A) Overview Checklist
B) Details hints to each point of the Checklist
c) OpenERP Version specific hints (to see what is related to 6.1,7.0 and
8.0 API)

General hints to start
-> chose one topic to work on
-> stick to one version
-> read this tutorial
-> look at this example module

What are the benefits for me
-> reviewing code makes your code better

This is just my first outline. If we have a English version, where we
collect all important information, we can translate it to different

Kind Regards


On 05.08.2014 09:31, Leonardo Pistone wrote:
> Hi all,
> after a discussion with Pedro, Sandy and Maxime on the pull request
> https://github.com/OCA/account-analytic/pull/2 , a general point came
> out: I always thought that anybody can do reviews, and then someone
> from the maintainer team can take the final decision to do the merge.
> The name "reviewer team" is misleading: the team cannot and should not
> make its code reviews alone. It just takes the final decision. I
> suggest adding a note to clarify that on
> https://pad.odoo.com/p/community-review .
> Joël, can you please confirm if that was the idea?
> On a sidenote, IMHO, while we should have rules, in cases like that I
> trust maintainers to bend rules from time to time a bit like Pedro
> did, (the reason  was to get the branch green ASAP, and we're only
> talking about linting). That should be the exception, not the rule, of
> course.
> If someone else disagrees, we can make another PR fast:
> https://github.com/OCA/account-analytic/pull/3 .
> Thanks!
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