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pull request reviews


Hi all,

after a discussion with Pedro, Sandy and Maxime on the pull request
https://github.com/OCA/account-analytic/pull/2 , a general point came
out: I always thought that anybody can do reviews, and then someone
from the maintainer team can take the final decision to do the merge.

The name "reviewer team" is misleading: the team cannot and should not
make its code reviews alone. It just takes the final decision. I
suggest adding a note to clarify that on
https://pad.odoo.com/p/community-review .

Joël, can you please confirm if that was the idea?

On a sidenote, IMHO, while we should have rules, in cases like that I
trust maintainers to bend rules from time to time a bit like Pedro
did, (the reason  was to get the branch green ASAP, and we're only
talking about linting). That should be the exception, not the rule, of

If someone else disagrees, we can make another PR fast:
https://github.com/OCA/account-analytic/pull/3 .


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