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Re: Use of new odoo API when porting OCA addons


2014-08-12 18:07 GMT-04:30 David Arnold - El Alemán <david@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> but should be writing test cases as simple as talking to you in plain
> english? And shouldn't we try every effort to get to this?

THat's the deal, yeas plain english is enought, but you need understand
conceptually some things to not generate noise asking for conceptually
wrong test cases.

> You know I have more ideas thant means and knowledge of implementing them,
> but I think, tools (and probably institutionalized and marketed (sic!)
> routines) are missing to effectively inject the test coverage notion into
> th ecosystem (not only developer space)...

No they are not (AFAICK), we have unittest2 and yaml. (the first one is
quite standard on python word).

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