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Re: l10n-switzerland for version 8


Dear community,

 You will find below the meeting minutes of the first OCA l10n_switzerland
project meeting.

The main topic of the meeting was to organize the migration to version 8.0


- Paul Catinean
- Brain-tec:  Philipp Fux, A. Stauder
- Camptocamp: Nicolas Bessi, Guewen Baconnier, Yannick Vaucher


During the session the addons where classified under tree categories:
- Data
- Payment related
- Others

*For the data addons (which contains no logic) it has been decided:*

- That Camptocamp will provide a new version of l10n_ch based on the
account chart "Plan comptable for PME".
  It should replace the STERCHI chart and should be merged directly in the
core if possible.
- The dependencies of all addons on l10n_ch should be removed in order to
be account chart agnostic.
- The l10n_ch_zip and l10n_ch_bank should have their data updated during
the migration process

*For the payment addons it has been decided:*

- To use new API if possible
- To port BVR/ESR report to Qweb engine
- The report merger module has been presented as a way to merge invoice and
BVR reports.
  The bridge module may be integrated in localization.
- Yannick Vaucher will investigate current Odoo SEPA solutions and propose
the best approach to migrate l10n_ch_sepa

*For the other addons it has been decided:*

- To port addons that have heavy OCA dependencies to be ported in a second
  It includes transactions addons and credit control integration

There is some addons in version 7 to be integrated on next 7 release.
If possible we may port them to version 8 especially
as it does not rely on external dependencies.

*Prioritization and  Work share *

After some discussions it has been decide to share to work depending
following the below matrix:

| Module Name                                            | Priority |
Responsible of port |
| l10n_ch_credit_control_payment_slip_report             |        0 |
nbessi              |
| l10n_ch_payment_slip_account_statement_base_completion |        4 |
| l10n_ch_sepa                                           |        4 |
yvaucher ?          |
| l10n_ch_dta_base_transaction_id                        |        7 |
| l10n_ch_payment_slip_base_transaction_id               |        7 |
| l10n_ch_scan_bvr                                       |       11 |
nbessi  |
| l10n_ch_zip                                            |       12 |
brain-tec           |
| l10n_ch_bank                                           |       12 |
brain-tec           |
| l10n_ch_base_bank                                      |       13 |
pcatinean           |
| l10n_ch_payment_slip                                   |       13 |
nbessi, pcatinean   |
| l10n_ch_dta                                            |       14 | TBD

The time target in end of November for addons with higher priority (>=10).

I want to thanks all participants for their time and involvement, it is the
way to go.
You will find attache the log of the chat.



2014-10-08 9:10 GMT+02:00 Nicolas Bessi <nicolas.bessi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Hello,
> Thanks to have register your self on framadate.
> http://framadate.org/i1jurszc736whp5p
> The meeting will be hold Friday, 10th October 2014 at 13:00 Swiss time on
> freenod IRC server chan #odoo-swiss-v8.
> Regards
> Nicolas
> 2014-10-06 13:21 GMT+02:00 Nicolas Bessi <nicolas.bessi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> Hello Paul,
>> It would be nice I you can put your disponibilitis in
>> http://framadate.org/i1jurszc736whp5p
>> Regards
>> Nicolas
>> 2014-10-06 8:41 GMT+02:00 Nicolas Bessi <nicolas.bessi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>>> Hello,
>>> Now the announcement is done let's keep this chan we can change later.
>>> Please feel free to post base bank PR. It is a base module for other
>>> swiss addons.
>>> The sooner it is merged the better.
>>> Regards
>>> Nicolas
>>> 2014-10-06 8:37 GMT+02:00 Paul Catinean <paulcatinean@xxxxxxxxx>:
>>>> Hello Nicolas,
>>>> I am a very frequent user of IRC and the official chan (still
>>>> #openobject) is not that busy and could serve as a good ground for this
>>>> discussion and maybe even get someone else involved.Nonetheless I have join
>>>> the chan you specified as well and will soon start migration of
>>>> l10n_ch_payment slip if the l10n_ch_base_bank looks good
>>>> P.S Let me know when I should submit a pull request or any
>>>> directions/advice for the migration proccess in general is greatly welcome!
>>>> Regards
>>>> Paul
>>>> On Mon, Oct 6, 2014 at 9:32 AM, Nicolas Bessi <
>>>> nicolas.bessi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>>> Dear community,
>>>>> As discussed a meeting must be scheduled to organize Swiss
>>>>> localization port to v8.0
>>>>> Proposed date can be found here:
>>>>> http://framadate.org/i1jurszc736whp5p
>>>>> The meeting should be done on an IRC chat on freenode server using the
>>>>> chan #odoo-swiss-v8
>>>>> I'm looking forward to see you.
>>>>> Regards
>>>>> Nicolas
>>>>> 2014-09-29 8:14 GMT+02:00 Silvan Wyden <silvan.wyden@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>>>>>> Hello Nicolas,
>>>>>> Mr. Pascal Zenklusen has already signed the CLA. It think this should
>>>>>> be enough. For the meeting you can contact me or Philipp (in cc) - I will
>>>>>> in holidays from 6.10 - 18.10.2014.
>>>>>> Regards,
>>>>>> *Wyden Silvan*  | Leiter Software Engineering
>>>>>> Eidg. dipl. Informatiker
>>>>>> brain-tec AG | Überlandstrasse 10, CH-3900 Brig
>>>>>> Tel: +41 27 552 02 20 | Dir: +41 27 552 02 15
>>>>>> <http://www.brain-tec.ch/>
>>>>>> 2014-09-26 12:14 GMT+02:00 Nicolas Bessi <
>>>>>> nicolas.bessi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>>>>>>> Hello,
>>>>>>> The first step is to sign the CLA if not done yet.  The next move
>>>>>>> will be to organize a chat/hangout meeting in two weeks.
>>>>>>> Regards
>>>>>>> Nicolas
>>>>>>> 2014-09-26 10:47 GMT+02:00 Silvan Wyden <silvan.wyden@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>>>>>>>> Hello Nicolas,
>>>>>>>> thanks for sharing your plan with us. Of course the company
>>>>>>>> brain-tec would like to participate. Please tell us how we can help you.
>>>>>>>> Regards,
>>>>>>>> *Wyden Silvan*  | Leiter Software Engineering
>>>>>>>> Eidg. dipl. Informatiker
>>>>>>>> brain-tec AG | Überlandstrasse 10, CH-3900 Brig
>>>>>>>> Tel: +41 27 552 02 20 | Dir: +41 27 552 02 15
>>>>>>>> <http://www.brain-tec.ch/>
>>>>>>>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>>>>>>>> From: Nicolas Bessi <nicolas.bessi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>>>>>>> Date: 2014-09-26 9:50 GMT+02:00
>>>>>>>> Subject: [Openerp-community] l10n-switzerland for version 8
>>>>>>>> To: "openerp-community@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <
>>>>>>>> openerp-community@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, "OpenERP S.A. Community" <
>>>>>>>> community@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>>>>>>> Dear community,
>>>>>>>> Time to port l10n-switzerland to v8 has come.
>>>>>>>> Some work has been started by Paul Catinean (Thanks) here:
>>>>>>>> https://github.com/PCatinean/l10n-switzerland
>>>>>>>> The planned milestones of the project are the following:
>>>>>>>> Version 7.0
>>>>>>>> #########
>>>>>>>> Provide a new release of the Swiss localisation that integrates
>>>>>>>> - https://github.com/OCA/l10n-switzerland/pull/36
>>>>>>>> - https://github.com/OCA/l10n-switzerland/pull/37
>>>>>>>> - https://github.com/OCA/l10n-switzerland/pull/45
>>>>>>>> Release should also integrates fixes to open issues.
>>>>>>>> After that release community should probably stop working on new
>>>>>>>> features and focus on fixes issues and tests.
>>>>>>>> Version 8.0
>>>>>>>> #########
>>>>>>>> Community effort are made to do a first release as soon as possible.
>>>>>>>> The guideline to port the code are:
>>>>>>>> - Addons should ideally be ported to new API.
>>>>>>>> - The BVR report should be ported to the new Qweb report engine
>>>>>>>> - The integration of v11 should be integrating with native bank
>>>>>>>> statement in a first time.
>>>>>>>> - The commented tests have to be fixed.
>>>>>>>> For version 8.0 it is planned to remove the l10n_ch module of
>>>>>>>> localization as merge process is now faster in core.
>>>>>>>> Camptocamp as also provided preparatory work to adapt l10n_ch to
>>>>>>>> the new 2015 account chart.
>>>>>>>> The new account chart should be propose for merge directly on core.
>>>>>>>> We know that is a lot of work but any contribution are welcome, any
>>>>>>>> help or PR is welcome
>>>>>>>> even if work is partial.
>>>>>>>> If you want to participate please contact me in order to organize
>>>>>>>> our efforts
>>>>>>>> You should also have sign the OCA CLA
>>>>>>>> http://odoo-community.org/page/website.cla
>>>>>>>> Regards
>>>>>>>> Nicolas Bessi
>>>>>>>> --
>>>>>>>> Nicolas Bessi
>>>>>>>> Senior ERP consultant
>>>>>>>> Business Solution technical manager
>>>>>>>> Camptocamp SA
>>>>>>>> PSE A
>>>>>>>> CH-1015 Lausanne
>>>>>>>> http://openerp.camptocamp.com
>>>>>>>> Direct:   +41 21 619 10 26
>>>>>>>> Office:   +41 21 619 10 10
>>>>>>>> _______________________________________________
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>>>>>>>> Post to     : openerp-community@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>>>>>> Unsubscribe : https://launchpad.net/~openerp-community
>>>>>>>> More help   : https://help.launchpad.net/ListHelp
>>>>>>>> --
>>>>>>>> *Stauder Andreas*  | Entwickler und Projektleiter
>>>>>>>> lic. Jurist
>>>>>>>> brain-tec AG | Technoparkstrassse 1, CH-8005 Zürich
>>>>>>>> Tel: +41 44 552 01 20 | Direkt: +41 44 552 07 23
>>>>>>>> <http://www.brain-tec.ch/>   <andreas.stauder@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>>>>>>> <http://www.brain-tec.ch/>
>>>>>>> --
>>>>>>> Nicolas Bessi
>>>>>>> Senior ERP consultant
>>>>>>> Business Solution technical manager
>>>>>>> Camptocamp SA
>>>>>>> PSE A
>>>>>>> CH-1015 Lausanne
>>>>>>> http://openerp.camptocamp.com
>>>>>>> Direct:   +41 21 619 10 26
>>>>>>> Office:   +41 21 619 10 10
>>>>> --
>>>>> Nicolas Bessi
>>>>> Senior ERP consultant
>>>>> Business Solution technical manager
>>>>> Camptocamp SA
>>>>> PSE A
>>>>> CH-1015 Lausanne
>>>>> http://openerp.camptocamp.com
>>>>> Direct:   +41 21 619 10 26
>>>>> Office:   +41 21 619 10 10
>>> --
>>> Nicolas Bessi
>>> Senior ERP consultant
>>> Business Solution technical manager
>>> Camptocamp SA
>>> PSE A
>>> CH-1015 Lausanne
>>> http://openerp.camptocamp.com
>>> Direct:   +41 21 619 10 26
>>> Office:   +41 21 619 10 10
>> --
>> Nicolas Bessi
>> Senior ERP consultant
>> Business Solution technical manager
>> Camptocamp SA
>> PSE A
>> CH-1015 Lausanne
>> http://openerp.camptocamp.com
>> Direct:   +41 21 619 10 26
>> Office:   +41 21 619 10 10
> --
> Nicolas Bessi
> Senior ERP consultant
> Business Solution technical manager
> Camptocamp SA
> CH-1015 Lausanne
> http://openerp.camptocamp.com
> Direct:   +41 21 619 10 26
> Office:   +41 21 619 10 10

Nicolas Bessi
Senior ERP consultant
Business Solution technical manager

Camptocamp SA
CH-1015 Lausanne


Direct:   +41 21 619 10 26
Office:   +41 21 619 10 10

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PNG image

<nbessi> hello
<nbessi> thanks to join
<astauder> hello
* yvaucher (~yvaucher@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) has joined #odoo-swiss-v8
<nbessi> I guess we are still missing some people
<astauder> Philipp from brain-tec will be here a bit later. I'm replacing him till then
<nbessi> Ok so there is still Eric and people of Open-net to join
<gbaconnier> hello
<nbessi> first of all let's thanks Wiz_KeeD that spontaneously propose himself to port the localisation
<Wiz_KeeD> hey guys!
>Chanserv< #odoo-swiss-v8 astauder gbaconnier  nbessi yvaucher
<Wiz_KeeD> my pleasure :)
<nbessi> let's start the other should catch up later
<nbessi> I wanted to first present what should be done and how
<nbessi> then disscuss the priority
<nbessi> and finally share the work
>Chanserv< #odoo-swiss-v8 Official chan of Odoo Swiss Localizaion modules in OCA (Odoo Community Association)
>Chanserv< topic #odoo-swiss-v8 Official chan of Odoo Swiss Localizaion modules in OCA (Odoo Community Association)
* ChanServ has changed the topic to: Official chan of Odoo Swiss Localizaion modules in OCA (Odoo Community Association)
<nbessi> Are you ok with this planing
<nbessi> ??
<Wiz_KeeD> Sounds good to me
<astauder> sound good
<nbessi> OK we can consider there are three main category of addons in localisation
<nbessi> the base addons
<nbessi> l10n_ch l10n_ch_base_bank, l10n_ch_zip, and l10n_ch_bank that are mostly data addons
<nbessi> l10n_ch_payment_slip, l10n_ch_dta, l10n_ch_*transaction and l10n_ch_sepa that are related to payment
<<nbessi> I think we can freely obtain list of bank on sixtinterbanking website
<nbessi> getting the updated zip list will be more tricky
<nbessi> Do we want to update data while migrating data addons or make it in a seprarated parts
<nbessi> step
<nbessi> ??
31<Wiz_KeeD>30 I assume it's mostly a bit of regex and shouldn't be an issue to do it, but i'm fine other way
<nbessi> astauder, brain-tec, gbaconnier, yvaucher ?
31<Wiz_KeeD>30 not for my part, maybe if anybody else has an idea
<brain-tec> I would do it in one step
<nbessi> Ok so we will try if possible to update the data while updating the addons
<nbessi> for the account chart there is two point to disscuss
<nbessi> As you may probably know the USAM has released a new account chart that will replace the keffer account chart
<nbessi> Frederic of C2C has made preliminary work to extract the new account chart and the translation
<nbessi> I will probably finish the work and provide the new chart addons
<brain-tec> I'm not pretty sure if I understand this point properly
<nbessi> From here we have two solutions try to make the chart be merged in official core
<nbessi> brain-tec: from 2015 the preferd chart of account will change
<brain-tec> I mean in the official core there's just the STERCHI one
<nbessi> The Sterchi is deprecated
<brain-tec> jep
<brain-tec> so there's the PME one for Switzerland as default, right?
<nbessi> It the idea the new account chart is simpler and better with code structure
<brain-tec> KMU Kontenplan in German
<nbessi> I trust you on this one :P
<nbessi> from now we have many option
<nbessi> try to inegrate the PME chart in the core
<nbessi> and replace STERCHI
22* You are now known as pcatinean
28-29NickServ28- You are already logged in as Wiz_KeeD.
28-29NickServ28- Use GROUP to register pcatinean to your account.
<nbessi> or provide it in localisation as a new account chart
28-29NickServ28- Nick pcatinean is now registered to your account.
18<nbessi> I'm in favor of the first option as the merge process if Odoo is now faster
18<nbessi> And it will avoid us to have many account chart in localisation
18<brain-tec> I totally agree
18<nbessi> If the merge is accepted I propose to remove l10n_ch from localisation addons
18<brain-tec> ok
18<nbessi> I want also to propose to remove all the dependencies on l10n_ch this way localisation addons will not be tied to an account chart
18<nbessi> Can we agree on that
18<nbessi> ??
18<brain-tec> I agree
18<astauder> Good idea
21<nbessi>21 pcatinean, gbaconnier, yvaucher is it ok for you too ?
31<pcatinean>30 atm it's just account and l10n_multilang?
31<pcatinean>30 yes +1
18<yvaucher> nbessi, +1
18<nbessi> ok so it accnowleged
18<nbessi> let's pass to the payment addons
18<nbessi> As said in the mail I want to pass all payment addons to new API if possbile
18<gbaconnier> okay for me
18<brain-tec> what do you mean with "all"
18<nbessi> there is some odds that it will not always be possible as bidirectional is not top nutch
18<nbessi> payment slip, dta, sepa, *transaction
18<nbessi> This point was defined as the beginning of meeting
18<brain-tec> ok sorry - it's clear now
18<yvaucher> shouldn't sepa be merged with oca sepa modules first ?
18<nbessi> that was a planned question
18<nbessi> I did not have the occasion to go trought the OCA sepa addons
18<nbessi> what do you think about it yvaucher
18<nbessi> ?
18<nbessi> yvaucher: ping ?
18<yvaucher> The community sepa seems to be well done, I just think it could benefit from l10n_ch sepa and it's templating system with mako. I do not like the xml files being construct in python code and making huge py file
18<nbessi> I also see that there are more sepa code on the core
31<pcatinean>30 a bit off--topic: Odoo changed the syntax from mako to jinja and it's not applicable anymore
18<nbessi> has any of you get a grip on i t
18<nbessi> it
<nbessi> I think it should not be to complicated to port template from on to the other
<yvaucher> pcatinean, we don't create pdf so mako or jinja would work. But I agree we could have one less lib using same temlating.
<nbessi> also you can add a compat mode between the two languages
<pcatinean> yvaucher, doesn't that mean that all the mako code must be changed to jinja?
<pcatinean> ah sorry, missed nbessi line
<pcatinean> well I would like to find out how since I can also use it in my projects as well that need porting of webkit mako templates to jinja
<brain-tec> me2 :-)
<pcatinean> hehe
<brain-tec> don't have any experience till now
<nbessi> Yvaucher do you think we should rely on OCA sepa addons or try to get closer to the core
<nbessi> ?
<nbessi> brain-tec, pcatinean we can disscuss about it next week
<yvaucher> nbessi, I didn't had an eye on core sepa stuff yet.
<yvaucher> this question might also been asked to OCA banking team
<pcatinean> ok thanks
<nbessi> yvaucher will you agree to have a closer look to that problematic and give us you conclusion next week or later
<nbessi> ??
<yvaucher> nbessi maybe in 2 week but not possible for me next week
<nbessi> ok
<nbessi> I do not think sepa is a top priority module to migrate
<nbessi> The next big work will be to migrate the bvr addons to Qweb
<nbessi> I know it will be quite an investement and that will be tricky to do has it relies on webkit precise mode
<nbessi> but it should worth the effort
<pcatinean> If we are at the part of distributing work packages I can suggest what I'm current need of and what I can migrate/test
<yvaucher> Maybe Qweb could allow to print a BVR on the same page of the invoice (just an idea)
<pcatinean> yvaucher, I did that by monkeypatching the webkit parser and append the second page in the pdf, a bit dirty but works quite well
<pcatinean> maybe Qweb will make it easier
<yvaucher> pcatinean, oh thanks I didn't know
<nbessi> It work as long a invoices are not too long
<nbessi> It work as long a invoices are not too long
<yvaucher> inheritance with Qweb is very useful
<pcatinean> yup, toyed a bit with it and liking it so far
<nbessi> but how do you manage the page break when the invoice does not let enought space for the slip
<nbessi> pcatinean ?
<pcatinean> nbessi, my customer required to have the bvr in the same pdf not neccesairly on the same page, so what I did was monkeypatch the function that generated the pdf page and appended the printed report of pdf
<pcatinean> so I was always to separate pages invoice + bvr
<pcatinean> regardless of the invoice size
<nbessi> pcatinean: ok
<nbessi> we use the report merger done by yvaucher to do this
<pcatinean> I was most probably oblivious of that addon :(
<pcatinean> but nice to know!
<nbessi> it gives us the modularity we need depending of the printer, the batches etc
<pcatinean> I will definitely go with it
<nbessi> So do we agree to move BVR on Qweb ?
<pcatinean> Already this meeting has been very constructive nice
<pcatinean> +1
<nbessi> +1
<brain-tec> +1
<yvaucher> +1
<nbessi> so it is agreed
<nbessi> Now concerning the other addons
<nbessi> oups network jumb
<nbessi> jump
<nbessi> mostly credit control integration
<nbessi> and the transaction addons
<nbessi> those addons have dependences on heavy OCA addons
<nbessi> And will require an external effort to be ported
<nbessi> We might want to port them in a second time
<nbessi> what do you think ?
<pcatinean> I am not too familiar with them but the arguments you provided sound pretty sane so I would go with +1
<nbessi> gbaconnier If I'm correct you told me that you may need those addons quite soon ?
<brain-tec> nbessi can you maybe just name the ones you mean
<nbessi> brain-tec: l10n_ch_credit_control_payment_slip_report
<brain-tec> thx
<nbessi> l10n_ch_dta_base_transaction_id
<nbessi> l10n_ch_payment_slip_account_statement_base_completion
<nbessi> l10n_ch_payment_slip_account_statement_base_completion
<gbaconnier> nbessi: some of them at least but no necessarily quite soon in fact, anyway before the end of the year
<nbessi> ok
>Chanserv< autovoice #odoo-swiss-v8 nbessi
<nbessi> We have also some intersting addons on pip in version 7
<nbessi> to manage LSV and DD generation
<nbessi> and add more statement import format
<nbessi> We need some time to prepare next version 7 release
<nbessi> and at that time I did not take them in account in the addons to port
<nbessi> Should we include those addons on our current migration planing ?
* pcatinean is not that familiar with the addons and can't have a word in it
<brain-tec> If this is possible - for sure. From our side we don't need them right now...
<pcatinean> neither do i
<nbessi> One of the PR came on the previous caegory has it has heavy dependency on OCA banking
<nbessi> the other https://github.com/OCA/l10n-switzerland/pull/36
<nbessi> can be interesting
<nbessi> to priorize
<brain-tec> well this sounds quite good...
<nbessi> I propose to priorize the addons by importance
<nbessi> Can we proceed on a piratepad or did you have any preferences
<pcatinean> That is a good idea and helps to keep things organized but in my case at least there are a few addons that need to work to finish off a migration and I will push on those first to get the db up and running
<pcatinean> and this might go against the prioritisation or the addons grouping by category, not sure how to proceed here
<nbessi> Let's do a priorization and then poeple choose on wich addons they want to collaborate
<brain-tec> ok
<pcatinean> yup
<nbessi> Do not forget that the localisation is an OCA project know and the code base will also have to reach the new code standards
<nbessi> http://piratepad.net/FPaFxjS20k
<nbessi> yvaucher, gbaconnier do you want to join us on the pad ?

Piratepad log
October 10, 2014
15:29 nbessi: every body sould just put a number
15:29 nbessi: after the module
15:29 nbessi: 1 for low 3 for high ok
15:29 nbessi: ??
15:30 bt_philipp: ok
15:30 pcatinean: refering to priority?
15:31 pcatinean: personal priority?
15:31 nbessi: need priority
15:33 nbessi: ok is every body done
15:33 nbessi: ?
15:34 pcatinean: think so yes
15:35 bt_andreas: yes
15:35 bt_philipp: jep
15:35 pcatinean: brb 6 min
15:36 nbessi: brb ?
15:36 bt_philipp: be right back :-)
15:36 bt_philipp: = brb
15:36 nbessi: ok
15:38 bt_philipp: I will do the math
15:38 nbessi: thanks
15:39 bt_philipp: can someone chek it please
15:43 nbessi: give me 5 min
15:43 bt_philipp: @nbessi: when do you expect to finish the meeting? Whats on the Agenda next?
15:45 nbessi: bank was on same line
15:45 nbessi: in 10 minutes
15:45 nbessi: people will choose on what to work
15:46 nbessi: a I will do a meeting minutes
15:46 pcatinean: back
15:49 pcatinean: Ok I'm already working on base_bank and will move on to l10n_ch_payment_slip
15:49 nbessi: I will take the new chart and bvr
15:50 bt_philipp: so we've Zip and bank, right?
15:50 pcatinean: @nbessi scan_bvr?
15:53 nbessi: right you are
15:54 nbessi: It this ok with you
15:54 nbessi: ??
15:54 nbessi: I will put all this on a clean meeting minutes
15:54 pcatinean: nbessi, yes totally fine.My client wanted that feature for the future so I might be able to help on it as well after I finish with the other ones
15:55 nbessi: brain-tec is it ok for you
15:55 nbessi: ??
15:55 bt_philipp: yes
15:55 bt_philipp: time frame?
15:56 nbessi: Best effort, target end of november for higher priority
15:56 nbessi: addons
15:56 bt_philipp: k
15:56 nbessi: well I was nice to see you all
15:56 nbessi: I'll be waiting for you on github
15:57 nbessi: and mailling list
15:57 bt_philipp: thanks for organizing it
15:57 nbessi: If you need help just come back to me
15:57 nbessi: see you soon and thanks for you time
15:57 pcatinean: Thanks you as well for organizing
15:57 pcatinean: cheers guys!

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