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Re: Suggestion for OCA conventions


Please let me object to this new rule, which I find wrong in several ways.
I'm very attached to separation of concerns, and I would much rather have us use the files to group all the code that implements a feature. Actually, I often prefer to split a class in several files if that makes sense from a functional point of view. This is also literally counter-productive, since a decent IDE will let you easily skim the classes inside a file anyway, but won't help us spread the classes in distinct files. Finally, any rule we may add raises the barrier of entry for new contributions, and as much as I agree that we should have very high standards of quality and maintainability, I find this rule totally useless to this aim.

Le 17/10/2014 21:40, Sandy Carter a écrit :
I would like propose adding the following to the Module section in

Each XML and python script should be separated and named by model.