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Re: Proposal to add W0402 to Travis Style checking


Thanks Sandy for the initiative.

I agree we should find a way to be a bit more careful changing the
linting rules, and your proposal looks good to me in general.

A remark on a detail: do we need the extra organization? We could work
the way we do for day-to-day pull requests: a simple PR from a
personal account. If multiple contributors are needed, of course
merges and forks from one another as usual. Or I missed something?

On the other hand, in the future we could maybe handle this change
control of linting differently: make the maintainer-quality-tools a
python package with releases, with releases fixed in per-project
requirements.txt. I see those advantages:

- orthogonal to travis, so I can consistently run the same lint check
locally that is run on travis
- version can be easily fixed, and the PR that greenifies a branch
with a new MQT release, updates also the MQT version used for that
branch in requirements.txt
- as a consequence, we do classic releases (with a changelog and all)
of MQT, and don't need the process you suggest (but I agree the rules
would be, proponents need to check that projects follow the new
release and proactively make PRs to update them to the new MQT)

...but all that is words on my part, it would need some work to make
the python package. So, for the time being, :+1: for your proposal!

On Thu, Nov 13, 2014 at 7:48 PM, Georges Racinet <gracinet@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 11/13/2014 06:32 PM, Moises Lopez wrote:
> Hello Georges,
> Sentence import pdb, import pudb, import ipdb (and maybe print) is usefully
> to debug local.
> If you need use this sentence in stable branch you will can add a comment of
> this type:
> import pdb # pylint: disable=W0402
> and that is enough for me to lift the objection !
> For the record, I've been using pre-commit hooks for years to avoid
> accidental commits of  pdb.set_trace(), but that wouldn't do for a project
> wide enforcement such as the one being set in place.
> Keep up the great job, folks !
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