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Re: News from the buildout recipes


Hi, you replied privately, but I think it wasn't on purpose, so I'm
replying directly to the lsit.

On 12/02/2014 01:15 PM, Luis Felipe Miléo wrote:
> Hi,
> First we want to thank you for this great job.
> We are using for some months this nice tool
> By testing anybox.recipe.odoo, we have the issues:

Thank you for the kind words, and for testing that !

> pyPDF Download error on http://stompstompstomp.com/pyPdf/: [Errno -5]
> No address associated with hostname -- Some packages may not be found!
That is the consequence of the lower level stuff crawling all related
sites. You can avoid it by using the allow-host directive to restrict to
the few useful sites (or your own pypi mirror or equivalent)
> That can be fixed by using one github repo:
>     extensions += mr.developer
>     auto-checkout = *
>     develop = src/pyPdf 
>     [sources]
>     pyPDf = git https://github.com/mfenniak/pyPdf.git

I'll have to check the status of pypdf on pypi.python.org, though.
As a side note, the recipe has some advanced support for a similar
extension (gp.vcsdevelop) for the freeze/extract features, but not for
mr.developer (with no good reason, except that we were more familiar
with the former).

> But in the end of bin/buildout we have the following error:
>     Couldn't find index page for 'openerp' (maybe misspelled?)
>     Getting distribution for 'openerp'.
>     Couldn't find index page for 'openerp' (maybe misspelled?)
>     While:
>       Installing odoo8.
>       Getting distribution for 'openerp'.
> Anyone have this error?
Yes, it's because Odoo changed its name in the setup.py last wednesday.
It's already fixed in a.r.openerp, but I'm not done merging all of that
in a.r.odoo (still a few conflicts to resolve).

See also https://bugs.launchpad.net/anybox.recipe.openerp/+bug/1398158
and the issue to which the fix is attached

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