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Re: News from the buildout recipes


On 12/01/2014 12:09 PM, Georges Racinet wrote:
> The version 1.9.0 of anybox.recipe.openerp is on the verge to be
> released and become the new stable.
It's been released a few minutes ago, hope it'll go well
> I'm announcing the release for tomorrow, instead of right now, because
> of the incompatible change about "standalone" addons. If you have some,
> then you must either upgrade your configuration or freeze the recipe
> version to 1.8.5.
Here I meant 1.8.6, i.e.,  the latest one in branch 1.8. Beware that it
won't cope with last week's change of 'openerp' to 'odoo' in setup.py.
For Odoo versions since this commit
you'll have to go straight for 1.9.0

> The new features of this release took a while to get stabilized (Git
> subsystem refactors and group option). A nice side effect of that is
> that test coverage has never been so high.
> We also seem to be ready to jump on Github (see
> https://github.com/anybox/anybox.recipe.odoo). 
I have yet to point some tools from launchpad to github, but let's say
this move is done as well.
So please, from now on report issues on Github ! I'll probably
copy-paste manually some of the current issues from Launchpad
bugtracker, but without an import tool, that probably won't be
comprehensive (I have nothing against people doing it before me :-)
Same for merge requests (I'm thinking mostly of one)

> Let me take this
> opportunity to remind you of the plan that was announced during the Odoo
> days :
> - anybox.recipe.odoo will support for Odoo >= 8 only
> - anybox.recipe.openerp has support for OpenERP >= 6.0. It is hosted as
> branches in the Github repo for a.r.odoo.
> In other words, anybox.recipe.odoo is for now the same thing as
> anybox.recipe.openerp, without all the legacy cruft and compatibility
> layers. I did an alpha release in june just to test the conversion to
> Git. I'll do another one also tomorrow, right after the release of
> a.r.openerp.
> For now a.r.odoo is a bit experimental, but advanced users are warmly
> invited to give it a try.
> Regards,
> [1] so-called "standalone addons" now need to be put explicitely in a
> "group", see
> http://docs.anybox.fr/anybox.recipe.openerp/trunk/configuration.html#the-group-addons-option

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