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Version 1.9.1 of the OpenERP recipe released


Hi all, and seasonal greatings !

I just released anybox.recipe.openerp 1.9.1, quite a while after
anybox.recipe.odoo 1.9.1
Let me remind you that a.r.openerp supports OpenERP and Odoo versions
from 6.0 onwards, while a.r.odoo is for Odoo only.

A change in policy : at first I'd have preferred that people would
submit PRs mostly against the a.r.openerp-1.9 branch, but I realize now
it's just not natural, so I'm droping it.

There have been relatively many contributions or suggestions that have
piled up during the holiday season. Don't worry, I'll try and catch up
later this week (more probably towards the end than tomorrow or the day
after). In the meanwhile, I'd like to thank all contributors in advance.