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Re: Maintainers needed for aeroo reports in OCA


On 15/01/2015 09:30, Pedro Manuel Baeza Romero wrote:
> Well, it's a pity to hear that. I want to push to have Aeroo OCA
> version forked from sraps, but as CLA is considered important enough,
> I'm not going to push again.
If you push hard enough, you may get through. It would not be the first
module on which the OCA does not have a full CLA, and I won't block a PR
on this ground (but I won't approve it either). Please propose for
merging and let the debate happen.

I personnally don't use aeroo reports, which means I have no incitement
to push forward on this, and I propose a simple resolution. As I feel
I'm maybe not the best placed person to handle this from end to end, I
bring the issue to the mailing list, so that people not closely
following Github are aware of it.

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