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Usability - documentation



One thing which I miss is a wiki or any other community editable document 
where all the suggestions (which are distributed over many pages) are listed 
with a status 
* draft
* approved by the community
* approved by OpenERP
* assigned + Milestone
* in progress ()
* done

I just want to listen some places we have started
* Lost Page(!!!) WorkshopErgonomy#Ideas_and_Propositions 
* Lost Page(!!!) - http://www.openobject.com/wiki/index.php/WorkshopErgonomy
* in April ... Coming soon .... 

I (desperately) repeat ( some of most important )
* unified layout of forms (see attached mockup and chricar_trunk_layout )
* length of long data fields - content must be readable - must mostly use full 
screen width (usually names, addresses, ...) very often the distinguishing 
characters are at the end of the name and hence invisible (except web client 
which word-wraps)
* unified report specs http://www.mail-archive.com/openerp-expert-
framework@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/msg00063.html (good example: 
** additionally very very important - ALL tree structured lists need 
hierarchical numbering https://bugs.launchpad.net/openobject-
** default suppress/optionally print lines with all zero values to reduce 
list/paper output
* http://piratepad.net/communitydays-usability 
* Blueprints 
* Usability Bugs 

BTW - may be this list can be mirrored at nabble.com as the other expert lists 
where rss is available (or do I miss something)

Hope that helps
Best Regards

ChriCar Beteiligungs- und Beratungs- GmbH
Dr. Ferdinand Gassauer
Official Tiny Partner

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