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Re: Roadmap for porting modules to 7.0


On 10/23/2012 09:19 AM, Alexandre Fayolle wrote:
> On ven. 12 oct. 2012 10:44:32 CEST, Alexandre Fayolle wrote:
>> We are currently evaluating the work required to port the various
>> c2c-xxx-addons to 7.0. Since OpenERP presumably has already done the
>> work for the certified addons, I was wondering if there was a roadmap
>> document detailing the recommended migration steps for the major changes
>> in the base models (I'm obviously thinking about res.partner /
>> res.partner.address, but there may be other changes that I'm not aware
>> of). Having such a document would really be a time saver. If no such
>> document exists, I'm pretty certain all partners would welcome it.

We announced some time ago that a comprehensive release notes document will be
published soon, similarly to the one that was written for 6.1
(http://bit.ly/openerp61RN). Please be patient, it's a large document to write.

For res.partner.address the idea is simple: it's been merged into res.partner,
and the field names have been preserved. So in many cases the only thing that
is required is to replace occurrences of "res.partner.address" by "res.partner".

>> I would also welcome some kind of changelog, mentionning for each
>> certified addons the incompatible changes that were made:
>> * removed / deprecated columns
>> * changed method signatures
>> * probably new columns

It's quite unlikely that we will be able to release such as document soon. Each
OpenERP major version comes with thousands of small changes everywhere:,
models, methods, views, menus, actions, etc. Each one of these changes could
break custom modules in many ways, depending on the way they relied on the core.
It would certainly be nice to have a reference document in which you can lookup
column names or views and then see why they changed and what replaces them.
However writing/maintaning such a gigantic document would not only represent a
major workload but it would also significantly slow down all our R&D efforts,
and we don't have resources for that (so far).

It's also much less important than for proprietary software, because the
information is out there in the version history of OpenERP. When you want to
know where one field from 6.1 has gone, you can have a look at the core modules
who used it, to see what they use in 7.0. And you can run `bzr qblame` or `bzr
qlog` and view the history of the file: in general it just takes a few seconds
to find out exactly what happened with each field in better details than a
giant document would (although you don't always have the rationale, so that's
where the release notes come in handy)

> I filed a bug on launchpad requesting this : 
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/openobject-server/+bug/1070203

I understand that you were desperate to get an answer, but posting pseudo-bugs
and subscribing mailing-lists to them to get a series of +1 is verging on
abuse. In general please refrain from subscribing mailing-list to bugs, unless
it is clear that the bug cannot be solved without getting more expert opinions.
(think of the signal-to-noise ratio)

The OpenERP teams are hard at work on finishing v7.0, please bear with us if
we're not able to answer all mailing-list threads.