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drop shipping



I will soon work on refactoring of the purchase_to_sale
and sale_supplier_direct_delivery modules together to make a better support
for drop shipping in OpenERP.

However, I have a doubt: what do you think is better:

A) drop shipping products pickings are generated upon the sale order but
they have the supplier location as the origin.
The corresponding purchase order line doesn't generate any reception.

B) drop shipping products don't generate pickings upon the sale order. But
when they are bought, the reception goes to the customer instead.
Eventually there could be an invoice upon this delivery if he product hasn't
been invoiced upon the sale order already.

I tend to prefer B because I would say it's easier to relate the shipping
and the purchase properly, specially if you change the supplier or the
expedition date.
and this is what I recently did in the purchase_to_sale module. Do you think
A is better?

BTW, I submitted a merge proposal of the order picking shipment generation
in 6.1 and will soon push the equivalent for purchase, this is he kind of
thing that will make it cleaner to properly relate the sale order line and
purchase order line and tweak the shipping in those specific MTO cases.


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