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Re: [Openstack] proposal for policy around and management of client libraries


On Nov 8, 2011, at 10:54 AM, Thierry Carrez wrote:
> With solution (2), if you look at the issue from Gerrit, GitHub,
> Launchpad or Jenkins, those will be separate projects though. The fact
> that they share the same PTL is not enough to make them "one". For
> example, they will have separate bug pages and release pages on
> Launchpad, separate jobs on Jenkins...
> Solution (1) actually allows you to have two tarballs as "release
> deliverables" on the release page of a single core project. Solution (2)
> doesn't.
> In all cases you bring new client code projects into the realm of
> "OpenStack core projects" (be it as an extension of scope of an existing
> one or as a separate project), which I think warrants a discussion from
> the PPB.

I'm not ready to commit to one solution as better than the other yet. However, I don't see why a separate client library project managed by the same group as the core project needs to be seen as a proliferation of openstack core projects. "Nova" is still just one core project even if it has two components: the server-side engine and a client-facing library.


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