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Re: 3rd Party APIs


Jay Pipes wrote:
>> Openstack-common, openstack-ci, or things we gate the core product on
>> (devstack, tempest) should never be part of OpenStack Core (or ever be
>> incubated to become core). However they are necessary for us to produce
>> OpenStack core, and require our collective attention and support. So
>> they need to be blessed in some kind of "official" category meaning they
>> are an central part of "OpenStack" as a development community. Maybe
>> "OpenStack Companion project"...
> I don't necessarily view openstack-ci and openstack-common in the same
> vein. I think openstack-common actually should be part of core since it
> is an important dependency for so many of the core projects (and
> becoming more so...). Openstack-ci, tempest and devstack are also
> critical pieces, but they are support projects, not necessarily
> dependencies. So I would categorize them as "OpenStack Supporting
> Projects" or similar.

Agreed, but openstack-common probably needs to become a formal library
before it can be part of "Core"... As long as it's an area to stage
common stuff waiting to be copied into real projects, it's more a
"supporting project".

>> Another category could be necessary to describe external
>> projects/plug-ins that are continuously tested with OpenStack Core as
>> part of our integration testing and for which we therefore have a pretty
>> good idea of how well they work with OpenStack. Choosing the right term
>> is a bit more tricky here since most names are a bit overloaded. Maybe
>> "OpenStack recommended project/plugin"...
> The term "recommended" comes with a lot of baggage :) I don't want
> plugins to be recommended or suggested -- at least by the community;
> companies should feel free to recommend or suggest whatever they feel is
> best for their distro or deployment. I just want a category called
> "OpenStack Extensions" (or Plugins, depending on what the
> semantics-du-jour happen to be.

It's certainly better :) So test-integrated projects/plugins would be
called "OpenStack extensions" while stuff supposed to be compatible with
openstack (but not tested by us) would be called...
OpenStack-supposedly-compatible ecosystem add-ons ?

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack

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