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Re: [OpenStack Foundation] Technical Committee: new draft


Mark Collier wrote:
> One area that this proposal does deviate from the current PPB election process is in the area of voting rights (who gets to vote).  Currently if you're a member on launchpad you can vote for PPB (but not PTL), which corresponds to the "individual members" in the foundation framework.  Your proposal limits eligibility to vote for TC members to the "ATC" (active technical contributors), which is more restrictive.

Right... The current PPB was the only board we elected, which is the
reason why it included everyone : it was the only way to get your voice
heard somehow. The Foundation sets up a general board of directors, as
well as several more targeted committees (including the technical and
user community), which allows a bit more targeted voters sets.

All "Individual members" select their representatives to the Board of
Directors, which is the broadest representation of the OpenStack
community. The user committee should reflect more particularly users.
The technical committee should reflect more particularly active
contributors to the project, to avoid the inherent forking risk in
having a non-contributing board giving orders to the agents of change of
an open source project.

> What if we went with the ATC voting method (making it as inclusive as possible for all forms of technical contribution not just code?) but also add 1 seat that's appointed by the user committee to make sure we are always fighting for the users.  

Yes, the idea is to extend the definition of "Active technical
contributor" to all kinds of contributions to the project. That's why
contributing doc changes, test cases or CI improvements also count. And
the draft proposes an exception procedure to cover the corner cases like
an active bug triager that would not have contributed any change yet.

That said, if the technical committee gets to appoint a seat on the user
committee, it may be a good idea to have the user committee (UC) appoint
a seat to the TC.

As you can tell by now, I'm not a big fan of bloated boards and much
more in favor of thin committees with dedicated members. But I guess we
could amend the options on the draft and say the TC is
PTLs+4elected+1UC, or 8elected+1UC, if that sounds better.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack