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Re: xen server agent code in nova?


On Feb 11, 2011, at 5:53 AM, Paul Voccio wrote:

> On one hand, I agree it could be separate. This is one of the reasons why
> we've waited to push it. Unfortunately, they are so tightly coupled
> because it is going to be directly tied to bugfixes in the compute node
> that the project leads for each are going to have to keep up with revs of
> each agent against a rev of nova. It would seem like the issues between
> them would be easier to track if they were all contained in the same
> project. 

Yeah, I'm mixed.  I tend to agree with the arguments for keeping it a separate project.  It makes sense.  At the same time, some sort of agent will be a requirement for configuring a guest in a non-DHCP based environment.  And as you mention, we'll need to keep everything in sync, so it feels like it should be a part of nova.  :-/

Anyway, since there seems to be a number of opinions that it should be separate, I can do so.  We'll just need good documentation on what revs of nova work with what revs of agents.

So, that said, any opinions on project names?  The current unix agent is 'agent-smith' on LP, but I don't completely like that name and the work I'm doing is significantly modifying the source tree enough that it feels like it's a new project.

- Chris

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