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Re: xen server agent code in nova?


On Fri, 11 Feb 2011, Vishvananda Ishaya wrote:

> Agreed.  By default lets put things into nova because it makes
> development and visibility much easier.  As eric mentioned, we can
> always break it out later.

The stability of the API for communication between the hypervisor platform
and an instance is very important.  The ability to quickly change it
should not be the primary reason that you decide where to land the code.

Once you're past the immediate bringup, you're going to need to maintain
backward compatibility.  You'll have images running on openstack
installations that have old versions of the agent, and no real option to
modify them.  You need to get this right, and minimal is better.

The separation would make you think about things more.  Ie, with the
project internal, you'll have basically an internal api, that can be
changed at will.  With it external, you'll be relying on your published
API to be somewhat stable.

I suspect that I will lose this argument, and I can't pretend that I have
much grounds for complaint as I've not spoken about anything else.  This
is something I belive Amazon did very well.  Other than the fact that
their metadata service really relies on dhcp, its is entirely sufficient,
and *very* minimal.


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