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Re: Queue Service


Il 14/02/2011 18:51, Eric Day ha scritto:
Hi everyone,

When looking at other services to include as part of OpenStack, the
first that comes to mind for many is a queue. A queue service can
not only provide a useful public cloud service, but can also provide
one of the building blocks for other services. I've been leading an
effort to research and gather requirements for a queue service and
I'd like to share the current state and get community feedback. I
expect real development to begin very soon, and would also like to
identify developers who will have time to dedicate to this project.

I'd like to note this is not an official OpenStack project yet. The
intention is once we have the community support and a simple
implementation, we will submit the project to the OpenStack Project
Oversight Committee for approval.

The reason we are initiating our own project vs using an existing one
is due to simplicity, modularity, and scale. Also, very few (if any)
existing queue systems out there were built with multi-tenant cloud
use cases in mind. Very few also have a simple and extensible REST
API. There are possible solutions to build an AMQP based service,
but AMQP brings complexity and a protocol not optimized for high
latency and intermittent connectivity.

Hi all,
i'm completely new to openstack but i started working on something similar to eucalyptus. In the coming months we will begin a project to bring our work on openstack and share it with you.

On Eucalyptus, we have worked to integrate the scheduler with Haizea and Sun Grid Engine. Sun Grid Engine was necessary for us because it is the internal scheduler in the cluster and must share resources with the cloud environment.

The idea is to make Haizea the scheduler for physical resources and queue, with the possibility to attach him an existing scheduler (Oracle Grid Engine, lfs and others) via plugin.

You think this might be interesting?


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