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Availability of RHEL build of Bexar release of OpenStack Nova



Grid Dynamics is proud to announce public availability of OpenStack Nova RHEL 6.0 build.
At the moment we have RPMs for Bexar release.

It was tested using KVM hypervisor on real hardware in multi-node mode.
Here are instructions to install & run our build:

Differences between usual setup and our build:
- we have packages and dependencies (instead of installing nova manually in /usr/local/bla and doing easy_install for missing modules)
- qcow2 support was enabled utilizing libguestfs instead of missing NBD
- start-stop-daemon used as daemon management library due removed python-daemon module from Nova
- Nova's logs are located in /var/log/nova and properly logrotated
- network injection code was patched for RHEL path (/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts) and RHEL template
- all dependencies are located in separate repository.

Enjoy and please contribute all packaging bugs to me!
All porting work are on GitHub: https://github.com/abrindeyev/openstack-nova-rhel6

Grid Dynamics Team: Andrey Brindeyev, Eldar Nugaev, Ilya Alekseyev

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