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[Nova] Unassigned essential Diablo specs


Hello Nova developers,

In the plan that Vish came up with for Diablo[1], we have a number of
essential specs that do not have an assignee.

[1] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/diablo

This is an issue, since Essential specs are supposed to delay the Diablo
release if they are not completed, and not having someone that is
committed to deliver the feature sounds like the first step to certain
failure. Here they are:

Implement clear rest API for volumes (targeted at diablo-2, Jun 30)
This is an essential piece of the decoupling of the volume code. Justin,
you seemed to be interested ? Anyone else that could take it ?

EC2 Id compatibility (targeted at diablo-3, Jul 28)
The "nova-instance-referencing" work will break EC2 API, and this
blueprint is tracking the work that needs to be done to prevent that.
Anyone interested ?

Other ("High") specs that are in the plan but unassigned:

Instance Migration (targeted at diablo-2, Jun 30)
Allow cloud admins to perform maintenance of hosts by enabling shutdown
of an instance and moving it to a new host node. Does that fall into
Ozone realm, as part of the service-provider-readiness ?

Add support for floating IPs in the OpenStack API (diablo-2, Jun 30)
This should ultimately be deferred to the NaaS API, but we probably need
some support for this until that is finalized.

Also note that plan to decouple network services is partially assigned:
Refactor Networking - assigned to Ryu Ishimoto
Implement clear rest API for networks (diablo-3) - unassigned
Integrate Network Services (diablo-4) - unassigned


Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack

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