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Re: Upload of Swift & Glance in Debian Experimental


Thomas Goirand wrote:
> P.S to Openstackers: I really would have like to
> avoid creating a separate list for the Debian pkgs
> of Openstack, especially because I will have to
> have a diff in the debian/control (maintainer field
> will have to be different) but as you see,
> Launchpad prevents me from doing so. Any solution
> from Canonical/Ubuntu would be welcome...

FWIW Ubuntu uses mailman lists @ lists.ubuntu.com, separate from
Launchpad, for groups where you want open-post mailing-lists. As such,
Ubuntu's current "Maintainer" field (openstack@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
might not be appropriate either...

Would this "Maintainer" field be the only delta between Ubuntu and
Debian packages ? If yes, it might be worth to try to converge somewhere

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack

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