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Re: Upload of Swift & Glance in Debian Experimental


Hi Luca,

thanks for this prompt reply.

----- Original message -----
> Hi Thomas!
> Il 28/05/2011 09:00, Thomas Goirand ha scritto:
> > I previously uploaded Swift to Experimental, but the email I used was
> > one in Ubuntu launchpad, which unfortunately is a "subscriber only
> > post" type of list (eg openstack@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx).
> Those lists trigger a bounce, and we don't want contact addresses which
> generate them, so...
> > It seems that Swift got rejected, but I don't know for what reason.
> > Would you be kind enough to let me know why?
> ... it was rejected, it was asked to reupload with another maintainer
> address. Package was otherwise OK, IIRC.

That's what I thought, but I had no way to be sure
of it without asking. It was a wise decision. :)

> > Of course, for further upload, I wont do the same mistake. Please bare
> > with me, as Glance, which I also uploaded, has the same issue. Note
> > that Glance has a build-depends on python-swift, so it can't be
> > uploaded before Swift.
> Yes, we're holding glance for a new swift upload. You should consider
> moving away from openstack@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for glance too, by
> uploading 2011.2-2 or, if you prefer not wasting a revision, reupload as
> 2011.2-1 after we rejected the old one.

The only issue is that I don't want to use my
email address as maintainer, because I am hoping
to have others join a team of maintainers, and since
I asked for an Alioth package to have a mailing list
the day before the maintenance, I am guessing that
my request for a new Alioth list/project has been
lost... I'll wait a day or 2 more and ask again for
a new Alioth project, then upload again. Best would
be to reject Glance, so the debian/changelog diff
with Ubuntu is kept to minimum (I'm trying to work
as much as possible with upstream which is people
from Ubuntu). Thanks.


Thomas (from my phone)

P.S to Openstackers: I really would have like to
avoid creating a separate list for the Debian pkgs
of Openstack, especially because I will have to
have a diff in the debian/control (maintainer field
will have to be different) but as you see,
Launchpad prevents me from doing so. Any solution
from Canonical/Ubuntu would be welcome...

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