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Re: Upload of Swift & Glance in Debian Experimental


On 05/30/2011 03:37 PM, Thierry Carrez wrote:
> Would this "Maintainer" field be the only delta between Ubuntu and
> Debian packages ? If yes, it might be worth to try to converge somewhere
> else...

Yes, because I sent all my patches to Soren, and he merged it (after the
Cactus release though). But the goal really IS to have the delta as
small as possible.

However, you are missing the point. My point was to have bug reports
sent to this list, and share maintainership in Debian with others.
Currently, it's simply not possible, because bug reports wouldn't reach
this list at all.

On 05/31/2011 12:41 AM, Chuck Short wrote:
> Hi,
> As much as I would to keep the openstack packaging diff between Ubuntu
> and Debian to a minimum, we are definitely going to be making changes
> to the debian packaging for Ubuntu and creating a delta between the
> two packages.

Well, currently isn't it the opposite way? Eg: me trying to maintain the
Debian package out of the Ubuntu one, and trying to keep the delta as
small as possible?

> There are several reasons why we will be doing this:
> - Openstack promotion to main - in oneiric we are going to be promoting
>   openstack to main. Based on the feedback we receive from the main
>   inclusion team we are going to make some changes to the debian
>   packaging.

See above. It's opposite way. You're going to use the Ubuntu packaging
proposed by Soren, and I'll derive from that in Debian.

> - Stabilization: In natty we did a weekly snapshot of nova so that
>   users can test out features on an ongoing basis. It also allowed us
>   to tell Soren and Thierry that program X is missing in the sudoers
>   file. If we sync from Debian we will loose this feature that our
>   users and developers in Ubuntu have used in the past.

Nobody is proposing to sync from Debian (well, unless the main platform
for Openstack becomes Debian, but that's another debate).

> - Feature support: For Ubuntu Cloud we are still determining which
>   features that we want to support. An example of this if we want to
>   support Xen as well as LXC or KVM. This might or might not cause a
>   diff in the debian packaging.
> With that being said I would be happy to work with the Debian
> Openstack team, and contributing Ubuntu patches back into Debian
> when it makes sense for Debian. If you have any questions please
> let me know.

What me (and maybe Soren as well?) are trying to do here, is to have a
single development branch, rather than fork of the packaging.

As said above, my remarks are just for Debian bug reports: I wanted them
to go in this list, but it's not possible currently, unless this list
becomes an open post one, which was my request... Nothing more, nothing
less! So comments about delta of the packaging aren't that much relevant...


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