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Announcing Nova subteams


Hello Everyone,

I've been assimilating the plans from the design summit into blueprints.  In the process i've noticed that we have a lot planned for the next few months.  Some of these changes are quite large and involve people from many different companies that are working on openstack.  In order to facilitate feature work over the next few months, I've decided to create a number of subteams.

There is too much work going on in nova to manage everything in one large group, so for sanity's sake, I'm attempting to break the work up into manageable chunks.  The subteam idea is experimental.  We will try it for the first two milestones and re-evaluate after e2 whether we need to make some further changes.

My vision is that each subteam is an open group where interested parties can communicate and plan features.  Some of the teams will initially be more research oriented, but ultimately these teams will be focused on implementation.  Each team will have a 'lead' which will function as a point of contact for the nova PTL.  I'm currently on all of the teams, and I will do my best to keep track of work going on in all parts, but I may need to depend on the lead for help with scheduling and planning.

A rough outline of the teams responsibilities are:
 * Planning new features related to the specific area of focus
 * Congealing plans into specific blueprints
 * Targeting blueprints to milestones
 * Assigning blueprints to specific individuals or groups
 * Triaging bugs related to the specific area of focus
 * Reviewing any code submissions related to the specific area of focus

I want to keep these teams very lightweight; we don't need more unnecessary process and overhead.  I've created launchpad teams for all of the major areas, and each of these teams has a mailing list.  I'm not sure that communication over these mailing lists is the best option, but we need a way to get things started.  The launchpad teams are all open, so if any of the areas interest you, please join the team and subscribe to the mailing list.

I'm going to start by assigning all related blueprints to each team. The teams will then re-assign blueprints to individuals as needed. I will work with all of the teams to target these blueprints to specific milestones. Any blueprints that don't fit under a particular team I will manage separately.  I'm also going to attempt to do the same with bugs as they come in.  Help triaging bugs is of course always appreciated.

Here is a list of teams, including a link to the launchpad page and a short description:

Nova API Team
All things api related, with special focus on additional features and cleanup of the openstack api.
lead - bcwaldon

Nova Database Team
Cleanup of the db layer, DB testing, alternative backends
lead - _0x44 (unconfirmed)

Nova Scaling Team
Distributed zones, aggregation, geographically diverse zones.
lead - comstud

Nova Orchestration Team
Orchestration, workflow management for requests, state machine for recovery
lead - sandywalsh

Nova Upgrades Team
Seamless upgrades for nova.  Some research and planning still needs to be done here.
lead -rjh

Nova Feature Parity Team
Full feature parity for xenapi and libvirt/kvm. Includes user facing parity issues like common images.
lead - sleepsonthefloor

Openstack Volumes Team
Volumes api, drivers, scheduling, zone support.
lead - renuka

Nova Auth Team
Code for Authorization checking in nova and integration with Keystone. Planning is pretty much done here, but it will touch a lot of the code, so we could use a few people focusing on it.  Team is primarily to help collect volunteers.
lead - vishy

Nova Security Improvements Team
Planning for security improvements to nova. Due to the large number of code changes being worked on in essex, we aren't planning on locking things down completely in the next six months.  This will likely be mostly planning in the essex time frame, with actual implementations to hit in F.
https://launchpad.net/~nova-security-improvements Security
lead - rjh

Nova Operational Support Team
Collecting requirements from operational groups and generating tooling and admin apis for operations. This seems like a very important team, but I don't have someone to head it up yet.  Volunteers requested
lead - (no lead yet)

Nova Testing Cleanup Team
We have discussed cleaning up the unit tests and separating out integration tests for a while, but this needs a specific team to focus on it.  We need volunteers and a lead.
lead - (no lead yet)

Once again, please join any teams that you have a stake in. If you are contributing code to one of these areas, please communicate with the team to make sure that you are not duplicating work. Each team is more than welcome to find other ways of communicating, but please keep discussions open as much as possible.  The Openstack Volumes team, for example, is meeting regularly in irc.

Expect to see all relevant blueprints assigned to teams over the next day or two.  Good luck and thanks to everyone for the hard work.

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