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Listing non-public images in Glance



This clearly seems like I am missing something obvious, but is it
possible to list non-public images in Glance?

It came up because I have a Glance setup without Keystone or other
authentication for now, like this:

  pipeline = versionnegotiation context apiv1app

Images that have "X-Image-Meta-Is_public: False" do not get listed
with "glance index". I am not saying that it is wrong per se, all the
documentation implies that a GET to /v1/images only produces a listing
of public images, and it looks like all functional and unit tests
in ./glance/tests set the public flag as necessary. But I'm wondering:

 a) If authentication is in effect, can users list their own images?
    It is easy to forget what you have. The Image Warehouse service
    in Aeolus permits to list images regardless, as long as bucket
    is accessible.

 b) If authentication is not in effect, should we chage to listing
    everything, public and not? I can file a bug and see it implemented.

-- Pete

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