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Re: Swift Consistency Guarantees?


On 01/20/2012 05:08 PM, Caitlin Bestler wrote:
> If you aren’t forcing a Get to reference all servers, using the option
> Stephen mentioned, then you MAY get an
> old version before the replication process is complete. That is what is
> meant by “eventual consistency”.

Well, but apparently this may also happen *with* the X-Newest option.

> If you’re trying to do a distributed database  a Cloud Storage API might
> not be the best solution for you. But
> Most applications will deal with a slight amount of uncertainty very
> well. Your application had to work even if
> you fetched an object a millisecond **before** someone else updated it,
> right? How important can it be that
> you not get the old version a millisecond **after** it was updated?

No, a millisecond delay would not be a problem. But since I don't know
what what sort of swift setup my application will have to deal with, I'd
rather assume only what's truly 100% certain.



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