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Re: ZeroMQ RPC Driver - FF-Exception request


On Mon, Jan 30, 2012 at 5:05 AM, Rosa, Andrea <andrea.rosa@xxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi
> In my opinion there is another point to consider: at this moment it's
> possible, in rabbitmq by auth-mechanism-ssl plugin, to use client and
> server authentication through certificates.
> I don't know 0MQ, so maybe the answer to my question is addressed by 0MQ
> documentation (I'll have a look), but is there some feature to easily
> implement this security feature?

The ZeroMQ driver will neither encrypt nor authenticate packets in the
Essex release. With ZeroMQ, it will be the requirement of the serialization
protocol to manage this. Currently, data is simply pickled. Perhaps for
Folsom we can create a blueprint for the signing & verification of messages.

Eric Windisch

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