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Re: Openstack with Xen


On 10 March 2012 04:55, Thomas Goirand <thomas@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> ----- Original message -----
> > Kronos is great for developers
> we didn't write the packaging for developers only!!!

> However, suggesting
> > Kronos to people looking to set up small OpenStack pilots is plain wrong.
> It is *not*, that is the only way to get things
> tested and fixed before Wheezy. If anyone finds an
> issue in the SID packages, I welcome them to use
> reportbug and submit issues on the Debian bug
> tracker, and we'll fix things asap.

OpenStack is not the only consumer of Xen, so seek the blame somewhere
else. You can't take for granted that people approaching OpenStack will use
Kronos. At the same time you can't tell them to use it just to satisfy your
testing needs.

> Cureently, we had zero bugs sent by users... So it means that,
> either because of silly suggestion that Kronos isn't
> production ready (based on no real fact...) nobody
> is testing it, or that the packages are perfect. :)
 No-one has said that Kronos isn't production ready, but you cannot say
that it is.


> So In the end it is about making the users informed of what their options
> > are;
> Maybe you'd better let them know that we will take
> care of any issue that they might find,

That's like stating the obvious :)

>  and that we
> need some testers!!!

> > they can then choose based on the above considerations
> They will wrongly think that XCP/Kronos is buggy if
> we continue this way. That's just plain wrong.

give our users some credit, I am sure they understand how software works

>  > and on what
> > it's available on the wiki: http://wiki.openstack.org/XenServer
> This wiki needs to be updated with more Kronos
> stuff IMO.
> Thomas
> That's great! if you find gaps, it's a wiki...feel free to fill them up or
ask the authors to do so. You are in a great position due to your packaging
experience, and your input would be very valuable.

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