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Re: Gerrit minimum review time frame


Hi Joe,

On 12/03/12 21:59, Joe Gordon wrote:
> I have noticed that some Gerrit branches get approved very quickly,
> sometimes in a matter of minutes.   While most of the time these
> branches are vetted properly, the window for reviewing can be so small
> that a non-trivial branch lands but without enough vetting.  If someone
> is in a meeting for half on hour they may miss the entire review window.
>  To fix this problem I propose a minimum time frame (should be
> overridable in an emergency) for a branch to be approved, perhaps 2
> hours.  This time frame would start on 'Upload time.'  

I can maybe see this working with the larger projects (although I would
imagine for us in CI it would be a lot of work implementing this for
little gain).  But with smaller teams you can find that sometimes the
coding is done with all the core team involved.  In this case code
review for small changes will only take minutes at most.

Kind Regards
Andrew Hutchings - LinuxJedi - http://www.linuxjedi.co.uk/

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