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Re: Future of Launchpad OpenStack mailing list (this list)


Duncan McGreggor wrote:
> Given no option Bs, the simplicity of option C is most appealing to me.

Option C is actually like a B0 (single list for user/operators/general
questions), but named openstack-operators instead of openstack,
openstack-general or openstack-user[s].

I'm not a big fan of that option because there is no clear list for
general discussion or newcomers questions. Where do you post things that
are not "how to operate" and "how to develop", but rather affect all our
community ? For example an election nomination discussion ? The
-operators name seem a lot too restrictive for that.

That's why I actually prefer "openstack" (B2) as it's much clearer where
those "general discussions" would belong. With option C (B0) we'll end
up with general discussions scattered all over the place, people having
to join all lists, redirected threads and a lot of cross-posting.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)
Release Manager, OpenStack

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