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Re: [Horizon] [UX] phabriactor/pholio as a possible UX option



I am very sorry for the late answer - I was really busy last week. Going back to this topic, answering inline:

On 2013/26/06 23:05, Monty Taylor wrote:

Thanks for looking in to Phabricator for us! The feedback is helpful. I
think we've also got some concerns around elements of it as well.

However, I still don't feel like I fully understand what the
requirements list are here. github isn't a requirement, it's a suggested
solution, and one with already distressing massive negative
implications. so I'd like us to work on what requirements the tool needs
to have so that we can figure out solutions that will solve them.
Agree with you.

So far, my understanding is that requirements are:
- discussion
Yes, very well handled discussions are #1. I'd also add few features which I'd love to see there if possible:
* Great threading of discussions
* Labels (E.g. label for closed discussion, or implementation discussion, or design proposals, etc) - so the users know what is happening in the thread * Formatting of messages (there might happen also implementation discussion above designed solution and I wouldn't be afraid of better formatting and letting these conversations happen there)

- messages containing images
+1, yes.

- possibly specific image annotation/commenting
Inline comments on images are not that necessary from my experience.

Are there any others I've missed?
* I think also important are well handled notifications. With features like e-mail/web based, watch/unwatch thread or similar functionality. * It might be indirect requirement, but I see very important that the tool is user-friendly for designers as well as developers. So I'd expect something not that much graphical, but very well organized and effective supporting all needs for both sides. - I guess designers (or creative people) are not that much demanding :). As long as it is not happening in Terminal and is well organized, I think they can get used to very easily. - For developers, I'd expect something not very graphic oriented/shiny, but more efficient and good possibility of formatting (e.g. for very short code examples).

To summarize things we've learned so far about possible solutions:
- Launchpad Bugs don't work due to lack of images
- Phabricator is too image centric, and also confusing
- github issues is not open source, and also increases confusion about
OpenStack's use of github, and is not integrated with the rest of the
- mailing list is too text oriented and has a bad threading model
OK, agree here.

We've got folks working on the area - so let's figure out what we need
and then we can move forward.
Great, if there are folks who could help with finding best solution, they are very welcome!


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-- Jarda