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Re: Configuration of Grizzly


On 14 July 2013 23:30, comiqadze <comiq@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> 1) AFAIK, for creating an instance there should be a kind of "template", which contains settings for instance, like what volume to attach, what ip address, what image to use, etc. So that when creating an instance you don't have to configure it for every instance. Is there any in Openstack?
> As I've read in documentation, Config Drive has this function, right? In such case, is it stabilized? Is it suitable for Grizzly?

You could use heat for that. Config Drive is just an alternative to
the metadata service.

> 2) My instances aren't associated with any private IPs, that are in the private network pool of addresses, and I cannot find the trace of the mistake. So what could be the possible reasons? I used GRE tunneling.

What do you mean by point 2)? Specifically?

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