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Re: Next release of pyexiv2


Hello pyexiv2 users and developers,

On 2010-11-25, Olivier Tilloy <olivier@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> […]
> One of the reasons for this new release is that I want to get it in the
> next release of Ubuntu, 11.04 (Natty Narwhal). The 0.1 series has done
> its time. This may not matter equally to all of you, but Ubuntu is my
> platform of choice and it matters to me ;)

So it seems I was outstripped in my efforts to push for pyexiv2 0.3.0 in
Ubuntu Natty: I realized today that python-pyexiv2 0.3.0-1ubuntu1 was
uploaded last Thursday (2011-01-27), without me actually synchronizing
with the MOTU.

> To achieve this, we need to ensure that all reverse-dependencies of
> pyexiv2 in Ubuntu are ported to 0.3 in a timely manner and have stable
> releases. In the current version of Ubuntu, those reverse dependencies are:
>  - lazygal
>  - phatch-cli
>  - videoporama

This push breaks videoporama and phatch (lazygal was already compatible
with the new API). I reported bugs in launchpad to track these issues,
and I attached patches to fix them. And the good news is that they are
already being looked at, so we can reasonably expect them to be fixed soon.

 - videoporama : http://pad.lv/710861
 - phatch : http://pad.lv/710874

I’ll keep this list posted with the updates.



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