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Request for review of package branch



I tried using launchpad's builin feature to request a review of my
package branch. Before I could complete it, launchpad gave me an error.
Doesn't seem to work. So let's try the mailing list.

As some know, I'm working on making a setuptools package for pyroom. As
far as I can tell, it's complete now and it's been tested on my laptop
and a pristine virtual machine. Still, additional testing on other
machines should go into this before we merge that branch into trunk.

A few sidenotes:
 - pyroom.py has been renamed to cmdline.py and a small wraller script
   has been created. Use that to start pyroom without installing it
 - python setup.py develop will install pyroom to your python
   site-packages, using links to your pyroom source path (so you can use
   it like it's installed without actually installing something readonly
   for your normal system user
 - python setup.py install will install pyroom while actually copying
   the files to your site-packages dir
 - both commands will install a small script to /usr/bin/pyroom 
 - dependency checking for PyGTK is quite hackish, should work though

Please test this branch for a while and report any bugs to me, having a
setuptools package faciliates distribution (CheeseShop, eggs,
distribution packages, etc) a lot.

Florian 'tiax' Heinle

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