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Re: Request for review of package branch


On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 11:08:49PM +0000, Adam Rooke wrote:
> Could you explain why the files are going in site-packages (as per a python
> package) and not in a traditional location for a program such as /usr/share?
> I don't know if this is a convention or not, but looking at my site-packages
> they are mainly python libs whereas other python programs (such as emesene)
> are installed to /usr/share.

There are indeed conventions/standards for python packages to go to
site-packages. Setuptools doesn't even allow to install files some place
else. Other programs sometimes use standard makefiles instead of setuptools for installation. Also, most distributions have their own, stricter, file system hierarchy standards, which they apply to packages they put into their repos. 

> Apart from that, I just tried it and it worked perfectly. It will obviosuly
> make packaging etc a lot easier. I'm all for pushing this into trunk - all
> of the documentation will have to be updated to reflect this change though.

I updated README. Are there any other places with documentation that
need updating? 

PS: please answer to our mailing list :)

Florian 'tiax' Heinle

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