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Looking at the progress we made in the recent time, I think it'd be a
good idea to push out another release. From what I heard, current plans
seem to include a 0.3 release that comes with an unknown number of new
features and behavioral changes, that could possibly go into Ubuntu
Intrepid Ibex. 

I propose we try and fix a few more bugs (namely, #250643 about new
config options breaking existant config files, #192588 about compiz
(needs discussion, worksforme actually) and 240184 about localized
keyboard shortcuts), maybe test and merge the setuptools package branch
and call all this milestone 0.3. We'd have a solid base for distribution
packages then. 

After that, we'll be working on whishlist items and "bigger" bugs (like
multi monitor support) for a 0.4 release that could be included in
Ubuntu Intrepid, still. 

Any opinions?

PS, on a sidenote: please don't tag bugs "fixreleased" until we actually
have a release that have those bugs fixed. If the fix is in trunk, just
tag it "fixcommited", if it's in a tarball, tag it fixreleased.

Florian 'tiax' Heinle

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