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Re: Release discussion


Hello Adam,

On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 11:17:15PM +0000, Adam Rooke wrote:
> The compiz bug was always an upstream issue, we published a bug report about
> it a long time ago now and I'm not sure of the current status. Compiz was
> basically not handling the gtk fullscreen() method properly so it hid
> dialogs etc beneath it. Theres basically nothing we can do about it, it
> works or it doesn't (and it seems it does now).

Indeed, it seems to work now, except for the "panels stay on top until
the user clicks into the textbox" problem. I don't know too much about
GTK, though. Maybe you know if there's some "totally regain focus"
function or something. You're more experienced with GTK - do you know if
there's something we can use? 

Maybe we should just close the bug as wontfix.

> The new localised keyboard shortcuts code is working fine for me - maybe
> some people with more obscure layouts could try?

From the way I understand the documentation, obscure keyboard layouts
should work now. QWERTZ does, but I agree we should have someone test
it for us. Dunno who, though. Bruno, I reckon you're from France? Don't
you have those AZERTY keyboards there? :)

> [...] It would be good getting it in the community
> (universe?) repo. I'm thinking that once it gets in the official repos maybe
> having a bit of a publicity drive to try and get some people into it.

Yeah community repos are called "universe" in Ubuntu. To get into
"main", Canonical would have to support our packages with bugfixes and
security fixes, though. So we'll stay in universe and be happy with it.

PS: please answer to the mailing list pyroom-team@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (I
think it's "reply all" in gmail :)

Florian 'tiax' Heinle

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