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0.3 ready for release?


Hi everyone,

please check out https://launchpad.net/pyroom/+milestone/0.3 for our 0.3
milestone. I added the bugs I think are necessary for a solid release
before we go on adding new features or reimplementing old ones. 

What we need now are 4 things:

1. Testing. I tested our current trunk on a plain new virtual machine,
but then a user showed up in #pyroom and he had problems saving his
preferences because of some bug that slipped through. Please help
testing our current trunk, preferably on different

2. Evaluation of bug numbers. Is there anything missing for a 0.3

3. A release. I don't have permission to add a release on launchpad. I
thought, members of the "driver" team had, but I guess I was wrong :) I
don't know who has permission, then. Bruno?

4. A website. Please visit http://www.planet-tiax.de/pyroom/ for my
proposal. I know it's not green but green looked awfully ugly. Please
review wording and design on that new homepage proposal and decide if we
can use it.

After those 4 steps are done, we're ready for a 0.3 release which we can
announce to our friends and the internet. Please help get some new
momentum into pyroom, I'm trying hard :)

Florian 'tiax' Heinle

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