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Re: pytagsfs


Hi Jean-Baptiste,

Sorry, I thought I'd sent this e-mail several days ago, but I had postponed it
and forgotten about it.

On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 07:16:18PM +0100, Jean-Baptiste DENIS wrote:
> Hello again. First of all, the conditional expression works perfectly, that's
> cool !

Glad to hear things are working well for you.

> Tell me if you prefer that i ask my question using the mailing list !

If you don't mind joining the list and sending your questions there, that'd be
great.  Other users may be able to answer some of them, and the answers would be
archived so that might help others, too.

I've CC'd the list with this reply, BTW.

> My question is about the time of the initial scan. I understand it needs to be
> that way.  The problem i've got is that when i umount my pytagfs filesystem,
> i'm "losing" all the previously computed information. It would be nice to be
> able to dump the information for later reuse. Of course, it implies that the
> source files don't change between a dump and the later pytagsfs mount to keep
> something coherent (although it could be updated at runtime - user fantasm -).
> I like to have multiple views of my music data, and the start up can takes a
> lot of time for each of the them.

I have some thoughts about this.  I can't say for sure that pytagsfs will
support persistent storage of meta data outside of the tagged files themselves,
but it seems reasonable.  I understand that start-up time for large collections
can be rather long, and I'd like to do what I can to alleviate this problem.

I will be trying to focus on performance after the release of version 0.9.0,
which should not be too far away.  Would you be willing to help test

Forest Bond

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