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Suggestions for better integration with Drizzle


Hi guys,

After doing some initial work with the randgen and Drizzle, I have found a
few areas where things don't work as well as I would have hoped.

For example, the randgen scripts make liberal use of mysql-test-run and

Do you have any thoughts on how to handle this?
While it is my responsibility to implement what I need, I also wanted to get
your thoughts on how to make this happen as smoothly and unobtrusively as

I suppose the main question is whether it would be better to have
drizzle-specific scripts that do what we need or if I should try to include
some code that determines dump and server start&stop utilities based on the
type of DBMS being tested.  For example, I hope to have 2-way compares
against MySQL going and that would seem to require using mysqldump and
drizzledump depending on the system.


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