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Thoughts on being able to select Transformers for the Transformer Validator



I'm writing to solicit thoughts on the Transformer Validator.

While it is a powerful and useful bug hunting tool, it seems that we are
approaching territory where we have useful Transforms that don't apply well
to every grammar.
For example, the ExecuteAsView Transform does not like subqueries and thus
breaks with optimizer_subquery.yy.

It is possible to manually alter files and select what Transforms will be
used (
but I was wondering if there was any support for allowing options to be
passed, for example, an ignore-transform switch or something that would
eliminate certain ones or even a use-transforms to allow a user to specify a
single transform (for example if we wanted to only beat up code with
ExecuteAsSPTwice or something).

In any case, the manual method works, but I just wanted to see what the rest
of you guys were thinking.


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