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Re: Issues with the replication grammars


Hi Philip,

Am 19.01.2011 09:50, schrieb Philip Stoev:
> Hello,
> It seems that the replication grammars bundled with the RQG have
> suffered some bit rot since the last time I checked them -- they do not
> generate a sufficient number of binlog events. Combined with frequent
> binlog rotation, most of the binlogs are essentially empty and there are
> periods during the test when the binlog does not advance at all.

thank you for the information.
There is also that
- some of the grammars (assume rpl_ddl* , not used in automatic runs)
  suffer from the server being more strict in case of unsafe statements
- the WL5092* grammar (successor of rpl_ddl*) is not completed
It is rather not to be expected that we get time to fix this.

> So, unless you have any other plans, I plan to spend some time helping
> those tests produce more binlog events. This in turn means that the
> changes I will push may cause any automated runs of those tests that you
> currently have to start failing due to issues that are currently not
> detected.

AFAIR there is some delay between the push of updated grammars to RQG
and their use in automatic runs. So we have a chance to detect and fix
such problems. John will know better,



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