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IMPORTANT: Where to host RQG documentation (and its code)


Hello everyone,

Currently, the bulk of the RQG documentation is hosted on forge.mysql.com. However, this site has experienced multiday outages and wiki spam, so it is a time to look for other alternatives.

One option is for me to host a MediaWiki on a new domain I registered, randgen.org, but Oracle have said they prefer a project hosting site that is not affiliated with a particular person. Launchpad does not provide wikis, and from the state of the feature requests about it, it does not seem that it will happen anytime soon.

So, we are left with the following options from the household names:
- GitHub:
* seems to be the cool club to be in;
* wiki pages can be managed via the source code repository
* wiki looks like this: https://github.com/reddit/reddit/wiki

- Google Code:
* wiki pages can be managed via the source code repository
* wiki looks like this: http://code.google.com/p/maatkit/wiki/GettingHelp

- Source Forge:
* wiki looks like this http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page * a conventional MediaWiki installation, not integrated with the code repository; * wiki pages are not hosted in the repository, but rather in a MySQL database

Once we have decided on wiki hosting, the next question is should we move the RQG codebase itself to the hosting site that provides the wiki. This however will almost certainly mean converting the RQG to Git. I am personally fine with it, as it matches the way the job market is going, however it may break the workflows of people that are still using Bazaar for other stuff within their companies.

Please do voice your opinion so that we can make sure nobody is inconvenienced in any way. My personal vote is for hosting the documentation with GitHub, and leaving the option to convert the RQG codebase to Git open for sometime in the futre.

Thank you

Philip Stoev

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