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Re: IMPORTANT: Where to host RQG documentation (and its code)


On 12/22/2011 10:07 AM, Philip Stoev wrote:
Once we have decided on wiki hosting, the next question is should we move the RQG codebase itself to the hosting site that provides the wiki. This however will almost certainly mean converting the RQG to Git. I am personally fine with it, as it matches the way the job market is going, however it may break the workflows of people that are still using Bazaar for other stuff within their companies.
I would prefer that we stick to Bazaar since we use bzr in house for handling rqg in Oracle. It's not impossible to change to git, but bzr fits more into our current processes (since, as you know) bzr is what we use for Mysql.


PS: I have nothing against Git as a tool, or at least less against git than bzr, but legacy is legacy..... :-)