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Development update


Hello everyone,
development is going fine these days. I have implemented many new features in the RedNotebook-Next branch, that will become the next big version leap. If you like to live on the edge, backup your journals and try it out by doing:

bzr branch lp:~jendrikseipp/rednotebook/next rednotebook-next
python rednotebook-next/rednotebook/journal.py

Here are the new features so far:

X Add "Export currently visible day" option in export assistant
X Show warning when second RedNotebook instance is started to prevent data loss
X Allow double backslashes (\\) in filenames (e.g. for UNC paths)
X Use auto-completion for all category entries
X Allow linebreaks (\\) only at the end of lines
X Abort startup if a yaml file cannot be read
X Escape regular expression syntax in searches (*, +, etc.)
X Code optimizations
X Remove old cloud implementation
X Remove external module htmltextview.py
X Let the "Back" and "Forward" button jump over blank days
X Remember last export and backup locations
X Search in annotations
X Do not write empty month files to disk
X Show the most recent entries at the top of the search list by default
X Remove "Delete Entry" button
X add tooltips for category buttons
X Remove dead unicode code
X Always keep categories sorted in search and annotations drop-down menus
X Remove obsolete keepnote sources

I am very interested in your feedback. What do you think? Does everything new work?